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Red Wolf Update - 17 June 2013

  1. 2013 pups - there were four litters involving 23 pups (10.12.1) in the RWSSP this season. Litters were at Sandy Ridge (Manteo/ARNWR), Jackson Zoo, and two at PDZA's off-site facility. Neonate mortalities (4.4.1) were associated with viral and bacterial infections. A single female pup that survived from the Sandy Ridge litter was fostered to a wild den. Be sure to check out the USFWS blog for information and photos—not only about 2013 pup season but other noteworthy postings.

Coyote Night Hunting in North Carolina

There has been a fair bit in the news lately about red wolf gunshot mortality in the North Carolina recovery area. Since the temporary rule passed by the NC Wildlife Resource Commission to allow night hunting coyote, which began in August, four red wolf deaths have been reported from suspected gunshot. Legal challenges opposing the rule have been filed. See the Red Wolf Coalition's website ( for more information; a Google search will also display numerous results.


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