Save Red Wolves!

All the red wolves that remain in the wild are currently in North Carolina. That state’s Wildlife Resources Commission has asked the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to remove them, threatening their very existence. Please see the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium’s Save the Red Wolf page and learn how to take action to keep the red wolf in the wild!

#Howl4Wolves Challenge

The Red Wolf SSP is launching the #Howl4Wolves Challenge. We are asking people to create a short video to spread awareness of critically endangered red wolves (and other endangered wolves). This challenge was prompted after the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission asked the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to remove all red wolves from the Red Wolf Recovery Area in northeastern North Carolina—thus rendering them extinct in the wild. This is not only detrimental to red wolf conservation; it also sets a dangerous precedent for all endangered species. We need to show that the American public cares about wolves, wildlife and conservation.

We need this to go viral, and we can accomplish this if all of the SSP institutions launch this challenge simultaneously. Keepers, staff, volunteers and supporters of these awesome organizations need to get together to make some videos, to challenge others to do the same and to attract as much attention as possible.

Please keep the video short, state why you care about wolves, challenge a few others, and then howl. Tag your challenged folks in your post and use #Howl4Wolves as your hashtag.

Together we can make a difference. Let’s do this!

Here are some example videoclips:

Endangered Wolf Center
Endangered Wolf Center Challenges Others to Stand for Wolves
Wolf Keepers Take the #Howl4Wolves Challenge
#Howl4Wolves Challenge Goes Viral
Youth Program Coordinator Takes the Challenge

Chehaw Wild Animal Park
Chehaw’s four wild red wolves…

Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo
Carmen Howls for Wolves

Western North Carolina Nature Center
Red wolf howl

Binghamton Zoo
#Howl4Wolves Challenge Video

Trevor Zoo
Red Wolves Need Your Help!

Wolf Conservation Center
New York’s Daisy and Eleanor…

Jackson Zoo
Jackson Zoo Employees
Director Calls Out Beardsley Zoo

RWSSP Featured Wolf

Itabi – Endangered Wolf Center

Itabi was born at Chehaw Wild Animal Park Zoo in Georgia in April 2012. In October 2014 he moved to his new home at the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka, Missouri, where he was paired with Rozene. When they first met, they immediately hit it off, playing and chasing each other around their pond. Itabi is often seen doing a “play bow” behavior with Rozene, enticing her to play as often as they can. When they have worn themselves out, they relax next to each other in a nice spot in the sun. This is their first breeding season together. Red wolves breed for one short period each year in February, so we are hoping for pups in the spring.

Red wolves are one of the few large carnivores 100 percent endemic to the United States, meaning they cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They are truly “Made in the U.S.A.” However, most people don’t even know this American icon exists, let alone that it is on the brink of extinction.