Red Wolf Books!

Two recent books focusing specifically on red wolf conservation and recovery are available. In her book The Secret World of Red Wolves: The Fight to Save North America’s Other Wolf, Asheville, North Carolina author T. DeLene Beeland describes the natural history of this often misunderstood predator, and discusses the natural history of the species and the evolution of red wolf recovery efforts. Her narrative is very objective, as she shares the viewpoints of scientists, advocates, local landowners, and program staff with the Red Wolf Recovery Program. The book, published by University of North Carolina Press, is also available through Amazon.


Also available is the graphic novel Return of the Red Wolf. This educational project is a fantastic collaboration between Red Wolf Species Survival Plan® (SSP) Education Advisor Craig Standridge and California artist Beth Graham. The novel is narrated by Graham, a red wolf at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, and aims to tell students about red wolf natural history, the recovery process, and how everyone can get involved in red wolf conservation. While the novel is targeted toward seventh graders, all ages will enjoy this read and will appreciate the colorful, incredible artwork.


This innovate education project was funded by the Point Defiance Zoological Society and the Tacoma Artists Initiative Program, is published by Point Defiance Zoological Society and is available for order on Amazon. All book sales will go toward red wolf conservation efforts at two organizations: the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Fund (which has funded red wolf conservation and research projects) and the Friends of the Red Wolf, thus ensuring that sales of the graphic novel will benefit both the wild and zoo-based red wolf populations.