Who Is Helping Red Wolves?

Partners make recovery happen! Through the cooperative efforts of many dedicated individuals and organizations, red wolves were saved from extinction and are being restored to parts of their historical range. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), Red Wolf Species Survival Plan® (SSP), and Red Wolf Coalition (RWC) have united to conserve the species.

  • The USFWS is the nation’s principle conservation agency in charge of protecting and conserving the red wolf. The USFWS Red Wolf Recovery Program is responsible for their recovery and carefully monitors the health and expansion of the wild red wolf population.
  • The Red Wolf SSP, in cooperation with the USFWS, serves as a vital safety net by managing red wolves at approved zoos and nature centers around the United States. Red Wolf SSP facilities are essential to the long-term diversity and stability of red wolves.
  • The RWC is based in the heart of “red wolf country” and works with other conservation organizations to advocate for the long-term survival of wild red wolf populations. Through outreach and education programs, the RWC promotes public appreciation and involvement in red wolf conservation efforts.